Mystical Cats Tarot ~ Nine of Sky (Reversed)

9 of Sky Reversed


Nine of Sky:

Cat dreams are frequent and intense. The breadth of our dreaming imagination would astound any other species, for it extends into ancestral memory and all our past lives as well as present experience. Needless to say, our nightmares are terrifying and haunting. This Sky Cat trembles as all his worst fears rampage through his sleeping mind. The effect of the dream will linger long after he wakes to his much safer reality.

The Cat’s Advice – (Reversed Card for me):

If the card is reversed, conquer your fears by facing them head on. Take stock of all the causes for your anxiety and worry, and then take steps to manage them, seeking help as needed. Avoidance and denial have not served you, and you are now in a position of strength to make real changes in your life.

I just love this. The card that popped out to us was after asking what we can do to make things better… haha, this could summarize my most recent treatment plan update with my therapist! No more to say but damn, spot on yet again! So what I have been doing is the right thing and I have to keep plugging through no matter how hard it can be some days, moments or hours.

~namaste~ Diana (May 20, 2014)