Mystical Cat Tarot ~ Shield of Sekhmet (5-21-14)

These cards are stubborn tonight… I’ll admit it, I’m feeling really depressed and asked the Cards for one card with the intent of helping me with what I’m going through, what I need to do. 3 cards popped out. I was like, ugh, nooo I asked specifically for 1. Shuffling more… 2 pop out and I was like Noooo! I asked for ONE. I got 3 again. So I give up the Cards want me to know something different than I do… so here we go.

Remember this type of spread, Shield of Sekhmet, once before? If not, skim or read over this post and then come on back and lets read this one for tonight. It gives information about what it is.

Shield of Sekhmet Spread May 21, 2014


Card 1:

VI The Lovers card 1

Card 1: VI The Lovers:

When cats bond in love, they create a paradise just for two. Hours are spent entwined in a furry embrace, and the world’s wonders are enjoyed all the more because they are shared. The connection between hearts and minds continues even in sleep, as the lovers dream the same dreams. Nothing can come between a bonded pair–small irritations may bring on a hiss now and then, but their love is bigger than and quarrel. When the two are parted by death, they know it is only a matter of time before they unite again in the next life–and oh, what a joyous reunion that will be! 

The Cat’s Advice:

Give yourself to love, in whatever form it is offered. Perhaps this is your mate, the one who makes your heart purr. Or perhaps it is something else that you dearly love and wish to give yourself to wholeheartedly—a life change, a project, a clan or friendship. Know that you will be met with an outpouring of love and that you will be in a safe place to open to your dreams. 

Card 2

0 The Cat

Card Two: O The Cat:

What a wonderful thing it is to be a cat! No creature is more graceful, mystical, wise, or courageous. All our senses are keenly attuned to understand and be fully part of the planes of existence, both seen and unseen. Every plant, every stone, every breeze, every sound is perceived clearly and received with curiosity. Everything we encounter is experienced at its fullest and most real. We walk through life always ready to experience each serendipitous adventure. No one needs to remind cats to stop and smell the flowers. We all know full well that the flowers were placed there for us. 

The Cat’s Advice:

Would you like to walk the Way of the Cat? The first step is to be fully present exactly where you are, right now. Ask yourself what would make you happy, and then welcome the opportunities that follow. Your nose will lead you toward your bliss if you let it. Open your eyes to beauty. Awaken your spirit to wonder. 

Card 3

8 of Earth

Third card: Eight of Earth:

We are born with powerful instincts, but skills must be acquired. This cat has taken her kittens on a nighttime hunting expedition. Watching her carefully, the kittens learn to be focused and alert. They observe how she is aware of every sound on the evening breeze, every rustle in the tall grass. Her familiarity with the terrain allows her to move swiftly and surely.  Her confidence communicates itself to her litter, who follow trustingly in her footsteps. 

The Cat’s Advice:

All skills improve with practice. Don’t expect to be good at something the first time you attempt it. With time and discipline, you become more and more adept. It can help to find a good teacher who will share her expertise. If you are the master yourself, it’s time to pass along your legacy of excellence. 

With the first card, giving myself to love is hard when it comes to people, but I did find a wonderful man who I am sharing my life with. ❤ The life change I am giving myself to is to try to find out why “we” are. I guess that is really a project rather than a life change… the life change can be my studying Wicca and being Wiccan. Taking that seriously is what I am doing these days as well.

Card two is pretty self-explanatory for me. What does it mean for you?

Card three… good grief that is us to a “T”. We want to know everything there is to know about Wicca NOW not over time (We’re going for over time lol) I have some good teachers and I am blessed with them.

When you read anything about me and what the cards mean for me, my comments may seem odd to you, it is important to remember that I don’t think like others think due to having DID.

~namaste~ Wendy & DieAnne (May 22, 2014)