Mystical Cats Tarot ~ Fire Kitten

Fire Kitten

Fire Kitten:

Oh, the beautiful fire! It darts and dances, drawing the curious kitten closer, closer, closer… There is really only one way to learn about fire, and this Fire Kitten is learning it quickly. Singed whiskers and a smoldering tail are the price she pays for increased knowledge and experience.

The Cats Advice:

Curiosity is setting you ablaze with enthusiasm for new projects and pleasures. Today’s discoveries offer opportunity for future growth as you acquire new skills and explore new passions without expectations or preconceptions. Don’t be afraid to get burned a little in the process. Change is how you will grow and learn.


Does any of this resonate with you? The only thing for me is that change is how I will grow and learn… I am exploring new passions and maybe getting some new skills… I like the idea of future growth 🙂 I will take heed of the getting burned a little in the process. lol

I had to laugh when I saw this card pop… we have 2 cats that have had wax “issues”. Winston sat in melting wax when he was younger.. he wasn’t hurt, just smelled pretty. We called him Lavender Butt until we got it all off… it took a while because it had to grow out. Now L’il Miss Coco dipped her tail in a tart warmer and she also was not hurt but had a pretty smelling tail. Needless to say that no matter where you put a tart warmer a cat will find it. lol

~Blessings~ Diana & Melany (May 23, 2014)