Daily Mystical Cat Tarot ~ Sky King

Sky King


The last time I drew the Sky King he was reversed… so lets see what todays means. Thanks for taking time from your Holiday to read my blog 🙂 Thank you to all the Veterans who made this day possible!

Sky King:

Ruling the Sky Clan takes an iron will and a cool head. While those around him are inclined toward violence or cruelty, the king must detach and see the bigger picture. His subjects give him their respect, along with a certain amount of caution and fear. He doesn’t reveal his inner feelings or give way to outbursts of temper. Nothing fazes the Sky King — not wind, weather or the wild vicissitudes of the Sky Clan. (I had no idea what that word meant so I googled it for anyone else that may not know.)

The Cat’s Advice:

Your experience and intelligence allow you to perceive situations clearly and advise others without emotional attachment as to the outcome. Be careful not to become overly analytical, forgetting to engage your heart as well as your head. Others may not be willing to listen to counsel that doesn’t take feelings into consideration.

IDK about this one. As I was shuffling I asked for a card for inspiration. Iron will and cool head? All I did was cry this morning. A lot fazed me today. These Mystical Cats must have had this card pop out for someone else. I do tend to get very analytical at times tho. Maybe this card is for you there out in cyberspace reading my blog… does it resonate for you? If it does, let me know ok?

Alright, on this Memorial Day I am going back to watching the Coca-Cola 600 and try to shake this depression. I did make sure to keep pretty much to my routine which is part of my therapy. I pot showered and put on my make up… with make up on we are less likely to cry. My hunnybunny’s step daughter helped me pick out a new color lipstick… so this is the color…

Leila's Advice :)

This pic here below is the color I have worn for years and years…

Diana May 19, 2014

I usually don’t put my pictures here but it was a good day yesterday when we went shopping and spent the day with Hunnybunny, his stepdaughter and daughter…. it was a good day and today is not but after sharing with you I do feel a little better besides, I’m wearing my new lip color! I’ll have to see how Diana likes it when she is fully in front. Oh and we do have clothes on today lol, it’s a sundress that is strapless.

Okey dokey… see you next time…

~namaste~ DieAnne & Wendy