Daily Mystical Cat Tarot ~ Five of Sky

5 of Sky


My intent today when the cards called to me was just a general card, I had nothing specific on my mind.. there’s just too much in there and it’s very crowded as well. lol

Five of Sky:

Other clans welcome newcomers, but the Sky Cats are suspicious of outsiders. Groups of young toms patrol their territory and challenge any cat they don’t recognize. These street thugs are much braver in a group than they ever would be on their own. Coming upon a Sphynx, so different from themselves, their bullying is merciless. The Sphynx, who means no harm, must hope to find an escape and a warmer welcome elsewhere.

The Cat’s Advice:

You can’t win a battle against those who have no honor. There is no reasoning with closed minds and no persuasion that will open a closed heart. If you are the one who is bullying or caught up in mob rule, stop and consider your actions. Victory at any cost s a hollow victory indeed.

All I have to say is I feel like the Sphynx. 😥

~Blessings~ DieAnne & Wendy (May 26, 2014)