Daily Mystical Cat Tarot ~ X The Wheel

X The Wheel


Just like the other day, I asked the Universe for a general message because I’m feeling way too scattered to think straight. I got The Wheel today, so lets see what it means….

X The Wheel:

At the center of the universe is a great cosmic Wheel. This Wheel is kept in motion by a cat, of course, at whose whim it spins fast or slow. All the elements are present — Earth, Sky, Fire, Sea — and all the clans who are made of these elements. From this Wheel flows the essential energy of all creation. Call it fortune, fate, luck, or what you will, it is always changing, as are we. All life turns upon the dancing paws of the spinner of the Wheel.

The Cat’s Advice:

Things are in motion that are beyond your control. The task now is to put yourself into alignment with what the universe intends for you. Watch for signs that will guide your next action. Trust that all will be well, and remember that wherever you are on the Wheel of fate, you will be somewhere else soon; just wait for the Wheel to turn.

All I have to say on this is that I need help watching and understanding the signs… sometimes they are clear but my head is not clear and it is making me nuts. Everyone is quiet and I am not used to that at all. We had a major family issue recently and that’s when they all scattered and hid. I feel all scattered now as well. I don’t know what to do with myself and anything I try I can’t concentrate. It’s weird with mostly all my alters being all curled up with each other waiting… for what? I don’t know but I need to take advantage of the quiet. I feel them but they are either too far away for me to hear or they are not talking. 

We shall see what happens but I am still counting my blessings as few as they are. I will also try to keep in mind the featured images saying. That helps a lot and I have to thank my sister Saki for that. ❤

~Namaste~ Diana (May 30, 2014)