Daily Mystical Cat Tarot ~ Five of Sky (Reversed)

5 of Sky Reversed

No specific intent, my intent was just for a general message… feeling way down, overwhelmed, distracted and depressed but I have good friends to spend time with whether in person or on the phone. 🙂

Five of Sky:

Other clans welcome newcomers, but the Sky Cats are suspicious of outsiders. Groups of young toms patrol their territory and challenge any cat they don’t recognize. These street thugs are much braver in a group than they ever would be on their own. Coming upon a Sphynx, so different from themselves, their bullying is merciless. The Sphynx, who means no harm, must hope to find an escape and a warmer welcome elsewhere.

The Cat’s Advice – (Reversed Card for me):

You may be dealing with the aftermath of emotions for some wrong that was done to you in the past or even clinging to the role of the wounded survivor. Identifying yourself solely through your traumas is unbalanced and gives away your power to those who harmed you. Deal with what is happening right now and work on releasing the hurtful memories.

One of the main things right now is what is going on with my relationship… I don’t know what to do and that is what is causing part of the depression. Releasing hurtful memories… memories are memories whether they were from years ago, a month or even just a week… stick that in your pipe and smoke it. 😉

~namaste~ Diana & Wendy (June 2, 2014)