Daily Mystical Cat Tarot ~ Earth Kitten (Reversed)

Earth Kitten Reversed

I was just asking the cards for some advice and inspiration with this new path We are on… So we got the Earth Kitten but reversed… read on for what it means, maybe it’s a message for you as well.

Earth Kitten:

Nose to nose with a new friend, this Earth Kitten feels no fear, only a bit of youthful shyness. She has a trusting spirit, for she has been raised with love. Her senses are becoming attuned to the world around her with its myriad scents, sounds, and diverse creatures. It will take time to fully learn what requires caution, but her instincts will keep her safe as she explores.

The Cat’s Advice – (Reversed Card for me):

If the card is reversed… you may be feeling uncertain and insecure, which can lead to hesitation and a refusal to advance along your life path. When you are afraid to move forward or reach out to explore your world, attend to basic security concerns first. What do you need to do to feel safe?

For me, I am embarking on a new way of thinking and doing. You know the old saying, if you keep doing what you are doing you aren’t going to get anywhere… and if you expect a change you won’t get it. Move on from the old patterns, first recognize them then act on them, change them and adjust them for your happiness and peace. It is funny because the Cats Advice fits so well with what I am dealing with my DID. I love it! 

~Blessings~ Diane & Diana (June 11, 2014)