Mystical Cats Tarot ~ Eight of Sky

8 of Sky

Eight of Sky:

Living at the mercy of the elements, Sky Cats often find themselves in difficult circumstances. This cat has been caught in a sudden windstorm, and a falling branch has trapped him in its tangles. Panicking, he flails and thrashes at the risk of injuring himself in the process. If he only could be calm and look for an opening, he could easily escape and go on his way unharmed. Instead, he wastes energy fighting an enemy that doesn’t really exist.

The Cat’s Advice:

The situation is not as dire a you think. When you feel trapped and out of choices, stay calm and look around for a simple solution. Keep still until your fear passes. Thrashing around will only make the situation worse. Don’t let small annoyances add to your worry. Use your intelligence to find a way out.

I’m in such a funk for some unknown reason today but it too shall pass just like a kidney stone. The Eight of Sky is pretty much on target for my solution so that some of the others will just go and rest. The “Some of the others” would be: DieAnne, Melany, Diane and Wendy. I (Diana) shall take the cats advice and be still and let God/dess… listen to my head and my heart and sometimes the heart isn’t involved then listen to your head and gut. 

See if there is any meaning for you, if so, please feel free to share 🙂 Isn’t today a good day to declare your independence…. I would say.

Thanks for reading, Diana and her crew (July 4, 2014) & STOP looking at our boo bees! lmao


hahaaaaa gotcha!