Daily Mystical Cat Tarot ~ Six of Sea (Reversed) ~ Again!

Six of Sea Reversed

Six of Sea:

We play throughout our lives, but the playful activities of kittenhood have a particular intensity that is free from any constraint of adult self-consciousness. Role-playing games grab the kittens’ imagination– they tremble with excitement while pretending to stalk prey and squeak with glee when frightened by a pouncing littermate. These plucky Sea kittens leap into their pool like the great tigers they imagine themselves to be.

The Cat’s Advice – (Reversed Card for me):

You are awash in memories and nostalgia, which may or may not have to do with reality. Come back to the present and accept grown-up responsibilities. Balance your play with meaningful purpose, and put your fantasy and imagination to good use in creative pursuits.

WOW is all I can say about this card. It hits dead on. As a matter of fact today, May 18, is the anniversary of my father’s death. So yes, awash in memories and nostalgia I am today. It’s a real good thing. Slowly but surely I am coming into the present and growing up more and more each passing day and I am blessed.

~Blessings, Diana (May 18, 2014)

Hmmm… for this one today – July 13, 2014 it’s funny because I am not really wallowing in but thinking about memories, our situation what could have been or should have been or never was… We are trying to be in the present and accept our situation and it is not an easy task. We still haven’t accepted the fact that we had a mini stroke… it doesn’t seem real. There is this horrid thing called Monday coming in just a few hours… and that mean back to the grind of making sure everything is in order with whatever money we have to try to stave off the vultures we owe… yea things like the electricity and water, try to set up rides to my appointments… you know those things… I have faith and the others are getting a little more used to being “known” and are interacting a bit more. I guess that’s good. (Shrugs shoulders)

~Blessings ~ Diana (July 13, 2014)