Daily Mystical Cat Tarot ~ IV The Emperor (Reversed)

IV The Emperor Reversed

IV The Emperor:

Our magnificent Emperor rules over the four cat clans with calm majesty and perspective. Maintaining the territory boundaries and providing for the future welfare of all cats are his chief concerns. The clans may battle and fall into hard times, but when the Emperor steps in, his authority is always accepted. His power comes from within, not from brutal conquest or dominating others into fawning submission. He knows who he is. The empire is cast and his responsibilities great, yet each of us feel truly seen when the Emperor’s wise gaze falls upon us. True leadership combines heart and mind for the benefit of all.

The Cat’s Advice – (Reversed Card for me):

Overpowering others and demanding they acquiesce to your will is not true leadership. Learn to share power so that everyone feels useful and valuable. If you are under the paw of an oppressive leader yourself, speak up and make changes for the good of all concerned.

fairies sleeping

What an interesting reading for us. It’s like we are under the “Paw of the Past” and can’t get out from under it. Today during our IOP (Intensive Outpatient Therapy) we realized that the one thing we need (and want I may add!) is to Be In The Moment. Be In The Present. We all need to help get “The Paw Of The Past” and “The Paw Of The Future” off our backs. We can’t change the past, hell we don’t remember most of it anyway, just the feelings are there sometimes like today and they are quite strong… it is the 33rd anniversary of our mothers death and last year at this time we lost our best friend (Cipa – you can read more about that in this post here.) of 40 years to her selfishness. Actually I still don’t know what flipped her switch but we are no longer friends and I may never know why. But the past is not here in the present. The future is not here in the present. There is no immediate threat and after todays IOP we feel better. Hanging on to a thread but hanging on. Trying to give the ones that need soothing what they need and reminding the little ones and some of us older ones that there is nothing threatening us at this moment. We do what we can do and make a little plan for the rest. One step at a time, one thing at a time… most importantly remember to  b r e a t h e! 

Don't cry over the past

~Blessings~ Diana (July 17, 2014)