Daily Mystical Cat Tarot ~ XVII Stars (Reversed)

XVII Stars Reversed


XVII Stars:

When Bast gave birth to the universe, she blessed each of her creations with a connection to cosmic consciousness. Cats are aware of this from kittenhood. We know we are part of something bigger than ourselves. Like stars, we are bright, perfect, unique, and linked to a common origin as we live out our individual destinies. This is the great Mystery of faith: to trust that there is meaning and intention in the pattern of our lives. When we gaze upward and behold the Great Lion, we know that we too are made of stardust.

The Cat’s Advice – (Reversed Card for me):

Fear, or even a crisis of faith, can make you feel very small and alone in the universe. Although others can support and comfort you, the essential spark of hope must come from within. Use this challenging time as an opportunity to clarify your spiritual values and find the foundation of what you believe.

All I have to say is that We need to reconnect. We really need to reconnect but it is so very hard when you are so depressed and lonely. We do feel very small and alone in the universe but part of that is our own fault because we are afraid to reach out. Let me rephrase that… We don’t know how to reach out… until it’s almost too late. Maybe I’ll make a phone call to a friend or just keep watching Armageddon… We just keep thinking that people will call us to check in… but why would they do that if they don’t know We need them? That’s on us, not them. 

~Blessings~ DieAnne (July 19, 2014)