Daily Mystical Cat Tarot ~ Nine of Sea (Reversed)

Nine of Sea Reversed


Nine of Sea:

The time we spend in sleep isn’t just for the rest and refreshment of our physical bodies. Deep in the dreamworld we visualize all the wonderful things that we deserve and crave, and by wishing for them, we begin to make them real. In this place of mystical imagining, there is no fear, no doubt–nothing but the sweet, purring assurance of well-being. Anything a cat can dream can come true.

The Cat’s Advice – (Reversed Card for me):

Do you believe you deserve happiness? Do you truly believe that the universe holds goodness and joy for you? The unwillingness to express your wishes and set them in motion prevents them from coming true. Don’t waste this opportunity through fear or lack of self-love.

This card turning up is in tune with my Angel Calendars message for today… you can find it either on my Facebook page, twitter or google+ and it is also the featured image for this post.

We seem to be doing just that… the same thing over and over and expecting a different result and not feeling worthy. It’s hard to change that when you are depressed and dealing with DID as well as everything else on our plate. Some of us, at least some that are more up front these days are so OCD that it is hard to change things up. Honestly I don’t know how to. All I feel is how close DieAnne aka Muerta is to the front and she has a lot of influence and it is so hard not to give in to her…

We will do at least one thing different today. That’s the best We can do. 

~Blessings~ Diana & DieAnne (Muerta)