Daily Mystical Cat Tarot ~ Four of Fire

Four of Fire

Four of Fire:

Each clan has its own ancient rituals and rites of passage, its own ways of connecting to the sacred feline nature. For the Fire Cats, the most spiritual of the clans, the source of all mystical power is light. In their many temples, they meditate on the sparkling Mysteries and worship their own beauty that shines from within.

The Cat’s Advice:

Mundane practicalities will not fully feed your spirit. Make time for wonder, beauty, magic, and connection to the sacred. If you have a ritual or spiritual practice, give it more time and attention on a daily basis. If you don’t have such a practice, it may be time to create one. Look for the light.

Interesting. We have been slacking in our Reiki. Don’t get me wrong, we still do it but not like we used to. I think that after I finish this we will have ourselves a nice self Reiki session. We will probably end up with a cat or two on or close by when we do it lol. They love it.

We should know better because suffering with mental illness Reiki can be better than any anti anxiety drug out there when we do it (the full session, not little ones…) on a regular basis. It’s just that sometimes, no, actually most days we are too antsy to stay still and do it. Well, practice practice practice… right? 🙂

~Namaste~ Diana (July 24, 2014)