Daily Mystical Cat Tarot ~ Two Popped Out Today!

The 2 we had pop out and land right in our lap were XVIII The Moon and The Ten of Earth (which was reversed).

XVIII The Moon and Ten of Earth Reversed

XVIII The Moon:

When the planet turns its face toward the dark, our nocturnal nature draws us out into the enchanted realm we know simply as Moon. This is a dominion of dreams that we explore with our senses fully awake. The subconscious spills into consciousness, allowing us to see what is not revealed by sight alone. Strange sounds come to our ears, intoxicating perfumes reach our noses, things appear that only emerge in darkness. We creep softly, following our moonshadows over the colorless world.

The Cats Advice: 

All is not immediately known under the moon as it waxes and wanes from dark to light to dark again. Allow time for more to be revealed, and don’t trust what you see as being the complete truth. Be aware of secrecy, mystery, and the things that are not obvious and must be discerned with the inner eye as well as the outer. Trust your intuition.

As for this card, I am a night owl and love the mysteries of the night. Sometimes when I was able I would sit on the porch late at night and just take it all in. I can’t do that anymore so instead I may scoot outside for a bit and just look up at the sky and listen to the nightlife scurrying around. Sometimes I just sit and look out the window if that is all I can do.

I do need to allow time for more to be revealed and there is nothing I can do about it… I am trying to keep my eyes open.. and trust my intuition. It’s a scary leap trusting my intuition lol. Things are in the works and only time will tell.

Ten of Earth:

For cats, nothing is more important than finding that special spot that is ours alone. It’s the place where we are completely secure and protected, where we can relax and reconnect to our essential cat nature. Welcoming another cat into our most cherished place is an honor indeed and signifies that we trust and feel safe with that companion. This is our sanctuary that never fails to comfort.

The Cat’s Advice – (Reversed Card for me):

Having a special spot is one thing, but refusing to ever leave that spot is something else. If you only feel safe in an environment that is familiar to you, you miss out on the chance to experience new pleasures and comforts, perhaps surpassing those you already know. There is nothing to fear — your support system is strong, and you will always be able to find your way home again.

I have to laugh here because in my therapy group I was actually talking about my “safe spot” and it came up in the group conversation. I’m not the only one with a safe spot lol. That makes me feel a little better. Maybe today I will move from my spot… (The corner of my couch near the window.) Geeze I feel like Sheldon and his “spot” and how I would freak out if something happened that I wasn’t able to have it for any length of time. I love that show. (The Big Bang Theory) You should look for the one with the paintball incident on Sheldon’s cushion. lol Too funny.


These two cards together let me know that I really need to trust, not only my intuition but that my “spot” (I am taking into consideration where my spot is… in my being foreclosed on home) will be there for me for as long as I need it. My support system is getting stronger and I am going outside my box little by little and doing things I wouldn’t normally do and my world has not imploded. We are still here and for now just a little anxiety but hope is there as well.

~Blessings~ Diana (July 25, 2014)