Daily Mystical Cat Tarot ~ Eight of Fire (Reversed)

Eight of Fire Reversed

Eight of Fire:

We’ve all felt it. It often comes at the transitional hours of the day–dawn or dusk–but can overtake us at any hour. An inexplicable need for speed, an impulse to run as fast as we can, with no goal or prey or stimulus other than the wild spirit that dwells within even the tamest tabby. It is a force that cannot be controlled–fiery action must be the joyful, frantic fulfillment of this mysterious call.

The Cat’s Advice – (Reversed Card for me):

Unfocused action is using up your energy to no good purpose. It’s good to follow your instinct, but it’s time to stop dashing from impulse to impulse. Sit still and settle on a goal, even a short-term one. Don’t do anything rash.


Interesting read for us. The advice for my card being reversed… We can be scattered and fighting impulses and urges and I don’t just mean being DID. That just makes the scattered feeling even worse because it can cause a chain reaction down to DieAnne or one of the other dark ones. Triggers. That’s where the “Don’t do anything rash” really hits home. DieAnne took that to heart, although we can’t promise she won’t break her promise one day. Hell we don’t know who will be the one in control when we wake up or in the next minute. It can happen that fast, Poof! One alter went to bed, and a different one woke up. I honestly don’t know who I will be from one moment to the next so I just try to enjoy the one(s) that are around. 

Hearing about Robin Williams taking his own life with those thoughts rolling around in DieAnne’s head with all that he had in life that we could only see on the outside… funny, successful, loved by everyone, had a family, friends, admirers etc… but he did suffer with depression as well as substance abuse. It really can happen to anyone. The stigma is terrible until people truly realize that someone is suffering on the inside. No one knows the darkness that can reach up and first grab you by the ankle and pull you down down down into the darkness with no way to loosen the grip. Keep the plastic “I’m OK smiley face” on so no one would ever know the terror you are going through in the dark all alone. It really hit me hard the fact that he took his life with so many people he cared about never truly realizing the pain he must have been in. All of this makes me understand that it really is important to reach out even when it seems no one is there or no one could possibly understand. Do you know what my life is like? Do you know what I think about? Do you know my deepest darkest demons that torment me? Of course not. Just as I could never really know yours. Just reach out, there are a lot of resources out there… here is one that has quite a few.


RIP Robin Williams you have turned my frown upside down many times and you will be missed.

~Blessings~ Diana & Diane (August 12, 2014)