Daily Blessing ~ Day 1

We are going to (try our best) post a blessing we have received each day for as long as we can. Everyone has bills and never enough money that’s just how it is with pretty much everyone I know. Our situation is pretty bad with the foreclosure stuff and the state stuff etc… On top of that we have a walking boot on our right foot because we did something to the last three toes and the ligaments and stuff in there… that sucks because we need to walk to get places for the most part. Eh, its only for a month and then we go back to Family Foot Care for a check up. They are a wonderful place. If you have foot issues go see them there. They made us feel very comfortable and understand everything they were doing and why.

The blessing… (we’re getting there… lol) we have no income except for what we get from the state. I had figured out what we could pay with some of the cash assistance. We would be ok for now… until we went to the grocery store and went to pay with the food stamps. Something was going flukey and we had to keep swiping until it was approved. I didn’t think too much about it and figured I’d take some of the cash part out at another time to pay a bill. I called the SNAP line to see what I had left there and found out to my horror that everything (food stamp items) was taken from the cash part! That’s what all the errors were, maybe the girl was new I don’t know but she verified the amounts that I had. I was so mad when I found out what happened. That meant that we either go without water or cell phone. My calculations left us short on paying both. I was not looking forward to calling Sprint and begging for more time again.

The actual blessing…. Funny thing happened tho… I paid the water bill and had just enough left in the bank to pay the Sprint bill too without that extra! I have no idea how that happened. (My Blessing!) I think I have maybe $4 in my account now lol but for some reason the money was there for both bills and I was positive there wouldn’t be enough after that error at the store! That was a huge blessing for us!!! All we could say as we sat there stunned was “Thank You God/dess!!” 


I hope you have a day full of blessings… >^^<

~Namaste~ Diana (August 17, 2014)