Daily Mystical Cat Tarot ~ XXI The World (Reversed)

XXI The World Reversed

XXI The World:

The world belongs to the cat. Every leaf on every tree, every stone and grain of sand, every season in the eternal dance of the turning planet belongs to us. We are happy to share it with others, for the infinite variety of creation is what makes life so interesting. What a pleasure it is to gaze out upon the vastness and the beauty! It would take more than nine lives to fully appreciate all the gifts and joys of the world, but this timeless moment is blessing enough. The greatest of the Cat Mysteries is this: life is good. A deep peace sets the soul a-purr with contentment.

The Cat’s Advice – (Reversed Card for me):

You may be feeling removed from the world, detached and disinterested from things that ordinarily give your life meaning. This can indicate a need to end something you’ve been hanging on the edges of for some time, something you have been reluctant to admit has run its course. Letting go will allow you to look toward new horizons with hope.

on the edge

What an appropriate time for a card to be reversed. There are many things we need to let go of. Some are our “idea” of what our life “should” be like now is something we need to let go of and accept what is. The first line sums us up all right. We feel apart from life, apart from the world around us. Detached as the card said. Disinterested as the card said. That’s us. We feel like we are spinning out of control in a confined space. It’s also called depression, abandonment and loneliness. We’ve been fighting deep depression for months now, probably over a year. We feel the abandonment whenever someone we know goes somewhere or does something, even just going to their job because we are stuck. It’s unreasonable but it’s there. We still cannot drive due to now not only the dizzy spells we started getting after the stroke but after one of the falls, or almost falls we did something to our foot and now the right one has a walking boot on it so we couldn’t drive even if we were able. That causes us to feel abandoned. I know it doesn’t make sense but it’s just like being trapped in a cage. A cage that could be taken away at any time… it’s not the best feeling when you need to get to the store and you can’t. I feel like my wings are clipped… everyone is living their lives, going about their business… having fun… maybe they are struggling as well, I don’t know. This “confinement” I find myself in sucks and brings back memories from when I was a child… I am doing the best I can to realize that so I can rise above! I miss the peaceful easy feeling.

Missing My Mom

One day soon we will fly free again! ~*~

Blessings~ Diana (August 17, 2014)