Mystical Cats Tarot ~ Two Cards Popped (Reversed)

Yes, today 2 cards popped out, both reversed. I don’t know what this means but all my cards have been coming to me reversed. This reading should be interesting because they go together seeing they popped together. Let’s go! 

Fire Kitten & Sky Tom Both Reversed

Fire Kitten:

Oh, the beautiful fire! It darts and dances, drawing the curious kitten closer, closer, closer… There is really only one way to learn about fire, and this Fire Kitten is learning it quickly. Singed whiskers and a smoldering tail are the price she pays for increased knowledge and experience.

We’ve had both our whiskers and tail singed recently and actually don’t mind this price being paid for a little hindsight and experience. I have to trust we will be more careful next time or it may be more than a singe. 

The Cat’s Advice – (Reversed Card for me):

It’s good to take chances, but be careful not to become unbalanced on your pursuit of new experiences. Don’t engage in risky or immature behavior, and don’t encourage it in others. Step back from the flame and get some perspective on the situation before you proceed.

Yes, perspective is good and we are learning. We are also being careful and trying new ways of doing and thinking. Good message for sure.

Sky Tom:

The cats of the Sky Clan are the best jumpers and climbers, seemingly more at home in the air than on the ground. From an early age they learn to gauge the precise distance needed to leap and land with grace. Having perfected his aerial skills in kittenhood, the Sky Tom is a heartless hunter. Silent and with intense concentration, he sneaks up on his quarry before it even knows he is coming. Faster than the eye can follow, he springs.

This one made us giggle, the silent and with intense concentration part. Watch and learn is what I see here… 

The Cat’s Advice – (Reversed Card for me):

Your heart is opening in compassion to those whom you may have injured in the past. This is not a sign of weakness but a positive indication of maturity and spiritual growth. You are learning a new way to be successful in the world.

 Yes, we are growing in our spirituality for sure and that is a good thing! We have been feeling more compassionate these days and not “on purpose” either, more like spontaneous compassion. As long as it isn’t spontaneous combustion lol! 

We are cleaning our wounds, becoming stronger even if it is just a tiny little bit but we are being careful and continuing to learn. Funny how these cards go together to make a complete message. Validation.

~Namaste~ Diana (September 12, 2014)