Mystical Cats Tarot ~ V The Priest (Reversed)

V The Priest Reversed

V The Priest:

Cats follow their own conscience. We think for ourselves. No external authority can tell a cat what is sacred and worthy of reverence. But we do have traditions and teachings that are handed down and held in respect. In our holy temples the priests are responsible for preserving and interpreting the Cat Mysteries, the tales of the clans, and the songs of the Cat Goddess herself. The rites must be observed, and we honor the Priest for his willingness to dedicate his lives to this service. If our faith in ourselves should falter, he sets our paws back on the path.

The Cat’s Advice – (Reversed Card for me):

Dogma and rigid thinking can stifle spiritual growth. Don’t impose your beliefs on others or let them impose theirs on you. Don’t confuse the trappings of religion for a true religious experience. Look for the deeper meaning, and reject those who oppose the exploration of truth.

Well, this is todays card. I will just continue walking to my own spiritual beat and look for and find the deeper meanings… I hope you do too.

~Namaste~ Diana (September 13, 2014)

BTW, once I get a card that is not reversed I will be shocked…