Mystical Cats Tarot ~ Seven of Fire

Seven of Fire

Seven of Fire:

Fire Cats never shrink from a fight when right is on their side. Challenges to territory are decided not through physical prowess alone but by the intensity of personal power. When a cat faces opponents who want to chase him from his rightful place, he fends them off with a fiery show of strength and courage. These cats shall not pass!

The Cat’s Advice:

Even though the odds may seem to be against you, you are in a position of power as long as your cause is just. Others may challenge you and test your commitment to the course you have chosen. Stay true to your ideals.

phoenix Diana

This card came up reversed for me early in September, if you would like to see what it said you can read it here. Yes, the odds may seem to be stacked against me but we are strong and trusting Spirit to get us through. And it harm none, do what you will. I try to stay true to that, it is part of me and it’s actually part of the basis for Wicca. I am very blessed and will never take that for granted. 

~Blessings~ Diana (September 19, 2014)