Hawks, Hawks, Everywhere!!

All day today when I look out my back window I have been watching a bunch of hawks soaring really low and close. So I figured I’d better look up hawks. Here is what I found…. not just one either, there must have been about 10 of them at a time… no more now that its evening. 


“Select one of the choices before you and give it your passionate attention.”

If a Hawk has flown into your life;

Be aware that there is a message to be received and interpreted.  Hawk holds the key to higher consciousness and trying to bring certain things into your circle of awareness. Know that enlightenment is imminent.

Hawk often represents the ability to see meaning in ordinary experiences if you choose to become more observant.

Many of the messages Hawk brings you are about freeing yourself of thoughts and beliefs that are limiting your ability to soar above your life and gain a greater perspective. It is this ability to soar high above to catch a glimpse of the bigger picture that will allow you to survive and flourish.

This is so relevant in my life right now. We are soaring to new heights we never thought we could or would dare to. We shall survive and flourish! 

~Namaste~ Diana (September 20, 2014)

Mystical Cats Tarot ~ Seven of Sea (Reversed)

Seven of Sea Reversed

Seven of Sea:

This Sea Cat is amazed by the visions floating before him, so clear and compelling but impossible to capture. Are they real? Can he trust his senses? If something can’t be caught and held, does it exist? The cat himself is caught, held between illusion and reality. This is not a prey he can comprehend, much less conquer.

The Cat’s Advice ~ (Reversed Card for me):

Your confusion is lifting as you pop the bubbles of illusion and see things as they truly are. Making decisions will be easier now, and you can trust the information you will soon receive. Follow through with action, and your dreams will begin to come true.

smiling kitten

This card picked us recently only it was not reversed… you can read that one here. They kind of go together and show progress for us. We will get our fantasy one day soon I am sure. Not a biggie, just some things we need. Keeping the faith and staying strong! Trusting more, gaining more 🙂 We are having our internal Round Tables and it is helping bring some of them into the present because the past needs to stay in the past with the exception of any lessons learned. A LOT is coming to light now these days, some hard to deal with some not. It’s a good thing. 

~Blessings~ Diana (September 20, 2014)