Mystical Cats Tarot ~ Seven of Sea (Reversed)

Seven of Sea Reversed

Seven of Sea:

This Sea Cat is amazed by the visions floating before him, so clear and compelling but impossible to capture. Are they real? Can he trust his senses? If something can’t be caught and held, does it exist? The cat himself is caught, held between illusion and reality. This is not a prey he can comprehend, much less conquer.

The Cat’s Advice ~ (Reversed Card for me):

Your confusion is lifting as you pop the bubbles of illusion and see things as they truly are. Making decisions will be easier now, and you can trust the information you will soon receive. Follow through with action, and your dreams will begin to come true.

smiling kitten

This card picked us recently only it was not reversed… you can read that one here. They kind of go together and show progress for us. We will get our fantasy one day soon I am sure. Not a biggie, just some things we need. Keeping the faith and staying strong! Trusting more, gaining more 🙂 We are having our internal Round Tables and it is helping bring some of them into the present because the past needs to stay in the past with the exception of any lessons learned. A LOT is coming to light now these days, some hard to deal with some not. It’s a good thing. 

~Blessings~ Diana (September 20, 2014)