Daily Mystical Cat Tarot ~ XVIII The Moon

XVIII The Moon

XVIII The Moon:

When the planet turns its face toward the dark, our nocturnal nature draws us out into the enchanted realm we know simply as Moon. This is a dominion of dreams that we explore with our senses fully awake. The subconscious spills into consciousness, allowing us to see what is not revealed by sight alone. Strange sounds come to our ears, intoxicating perfumes reach our noses, things appear that only emerge in darkness. We creep softly, following our moonshadows over the colorless world.

The Cats Advice: 

All is not immediately known under the moon as it waxes and wanes from dark to light to dark again. Allow time for more to be revealed, and don’t trust what you see as being the complete truth. Be aware of secrecy, mystery, and the things that are not obvious and must be discerned with the inner eye as well as the outer. Trust your intuition.

In the past we’ve always had problems with intuition, trusting it. Too many cooks in the kitchen I guess. (In case you have forgotten or are a new reader we have DID and that post will explain some of it.) As my faith has grown so has my trusting my intuition. It’s a scary leap for sure but having faith takes that (most of it anyway lol) fear away. I choose to leap. 

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~Blessings~ Diana & DieAnne (September 23, 2014)