Daily Mystical Cat Tarot ~ Earth King

Earth King

Earth King:

Like his mate, the Earth King works to protect and provide for his family and clan. He is benevolent and warm-hearted, and all those who draw near him feel secure in his presence. Beyond the present generations of cats, he is also aware of past generations— the paws that have walked his territory before him— and the responsibility he bears to those ancestors to keep the peace. This king’s kindness, generosity, and earthy practicality endear him to every cat he meets in his own clan and abroad.

The Cat’s Advice:

Others count on your practicality and stability. Take stock of your material well-being to assure continued prosperity, including having enough to share. You will find a strong sense of satisfaction in helping others feel secure and safe, whether in the home, the workplace or the wider community.

mother cat and kittens

This card has picked me quite a bit, I believe more than any other. You can read past commentary here. With that link you should be able to find the others. I have to look at them closer and see what the real meaning is for us because of the fact that this card came up a lot earlier this year, Spring I believe. There obviously is a deeper meaning that we are missing. It’s hard to keep the faith but I have recently decided to take a leap of faith and trust more fully. It’s hard to be the one who is struggling that has to keep her chin up and work her magic to keep a roof over our heads, utilities on, etc… with only money we get from the state as well as some help from a friend who is staying with me and my son. I feel like I’m drowning sometimes and noticing some things that need changing in my lives. We are working on the changes but are a long long way from being able to hold down a job. Hell, right now we are still wearing a walking boot because of one of the spills we took because of the dizzy spells. The switching and handling that is a big enough job in itself, I will say that being open about it has helped immensely! Well, we are off to our psych doc, case worker and therapist… so wish us well. 

panicked cat

~Namaste~ Diana & DieAnne (September 24, 2014)