Mystical Cats Tarot ~ The Fire Kitten

Today when I was handling the cards, I was asking about a move. My son and I stopped to see an apartment for rent on the way home from my IOP program. It fascinated me because it is in the house where my father grew up. Of course I had to call. So we saw it, like it and now have a dilemma. We have to come up with the money to move. One month security and first months rent. The rent is do-able. We will have to be careful, but it is within our reach. I will admit, I am scared. Well actually right now I am having an anxiety attack. lol Anyway, here is the information on the card and then more from me after.

Fire Kitten

Fire Kitten:

Oh, the beautiful fire! It darts and dances, drawing the curious kitten closer, closer, closer… There is really only one way to learn about fire, and this Fire Kitten is learning it quickly. Singed whiskers and a smoldering tail are the price she pays for increased knowledge and experience.

The Cats Advice:

Curiosity is setting you ablaze with enthusiasm for new projects and pleasures. Today’s discoveries offer opportunity for future growth as you acquire new skills and explore new passions without expectations or preconceptions. Don’t be afraid to get burned a little in the process. Change is how you will grow and learn.

So, what does this say to you about what I mentioned at the beginning? Curiosity definitely has me excited and change is so desperately needed here. Am I willing to get my whiskers singed and end up with a smoldering tail? I will say this… whiskers will grow back as will my tail fur. However, I am still having an anxiety attack so I will put some of the grounding skills I have learned in my IOP to use now.

breathe trust let go

Blessed Be,

Diana (12/18/14)