Angel Calendar ~ January 3rd



Jan 3rd


It’s comforting to know that no matter what your belief system is… there is always someone or something with a loving intent watching over us inviting us in.

We remember as a child, with no choice available to us yet, we were brought up Catholic and went to classes on the weekend. One class a priest was brought in to talk to us and this was the turning point when we realized we DID have a choice. He told the class that the only person who can talk to God and God speaks to is the Pope. That was the day we realized we did not want anything to do with religion, especially one where only one person has access to the creator/universe. The class was told that from the Pope the information gets sent down the chain through all the priests. No women at all. Nope, women would never have the opportunity to speak to their creator. 

That is why I am Wiccan.

Blessed Be,

Diana (January 3, 2015)