2015 Daily Mystical Cat Tarot ~ XV Demon Cat

Today our card popped out really fast, we were just asking for inspiration on our love life. (Or lack thereof lol) Here is the card….. pretty scary at first glance, a black cat baring her teeth in a snarl.

XV Demon Cat

XV Demon Cat:

Ruthless, sinister, toying with prey and taking pleasure in its pain–this is what some ignorant people think is the nature of all cats. In truth, most cats are not cruel, but the potential lies within each of us if we throw off our veneer of civilization. Separated from love and gentleness, nature becomes all tooth and claw. Whether through abuse or neglect or simply harsh circumstances, the worst part of a cat’s character may come to the fore. Many of us have felt this demon within threatening to overtake us. Most of us manage to contain the wicked impulses, taming our temper, smoothing our ruffled fur. The Demon Cat is trapped inside the thorny thicket of his own malevolence.

The Cat’s Advice:

Your demons have taken hold of you, causing a separation from your better nature. You may feel caught in darkness unable to find the light. If you are not the one fighting the demons, consider this card a warning. Avoid situations where you may be tempted away from your proper path. If you feel fearful, turn and run the other way Stay clear of the Demon Cat’s claws.

Interesting, it is true that we can’t stay out of our own way when it comes to relationships. Things seem hopeless for any type of love life but we refuse to give up hope. We will not give up hope even on our deathbed! 

We are definitely caught in the dark searching for the light. It all seems hopeless not just the relationship aspect, but the entire life aspect. Afraid to make a move yet afraid not to. So we stay stuck in our dissociative thorny thicket. 

Blessed Be, 

Diana (January 8, 2015)