2015 Daily Mystical Cat Tarot ~ Fire Queen (Reversed)

Today we are still in a funk. Still not sleeping at night. We find it hard to fall asleep and stay asleep. It really sucks and makes for a not so happy camper when we go upstairs for the night. That is not a good sign. Maybe changing the room around a little will help? By that I mean just moving the position of the bed lol. We don’t know what to do about it. Seeing that things that have the active ingredient in Benadryl we can’t take because we end up like a two-year old on crack. We get so amped up and usually tired at the same time which makes sleep impossible. Things along the line of Ambien can be addicting and are only used in the short-term for short-term sleep issues. That’s not us. It’s been probably over a year since we actually slept an entire night through. We don’t have any night-time distraction either – if you get my drift. 😉

Anyway, here is the card we got when the only thing we could think was “Help”. 

Fire Queen

Fire Queen:

Serenely watching the fireworks set off in her honor, the Fire Queen revels in their beauty and magic. She is an adventuress who is fond of entertainments and sparkly toys. She revels in the hunt, more for the chase than the kill, for her heart is kind and honorable. As a mate, she is passionate, and she enjoys her kittens for their playfulness and unpredictability. This queen’s sense of humor keeps her heart light. She is a source of inspiration and creative vision.

If the card is reversed:

Your passion for living may be dampened at present. If you have lost your interest in the things that used to inflame your ardor, you can either find ways to rekindle the spark or move on to new passions. One way or another, you must reclaim your inner glow.

Ugh. We got this card at the beginning of the year, however it was not reversed. Our passion is surely dampened and has been for over a year. We simply do not enjoy anything we did before. For instance, we used to love to blast the music and cook. We would cook whatever and sing to our hearts content. Cooking is a chore that is not enjoyed in the least and as for music, the last time we listened to the music we enjoy was over a year ago as well. Wow. Seeing it in print really hits home as to how truly and unrelentlessly miserable we have been for so long. It makes it hard to believe there is anything different out there for us. Reclaiming our inner glow… we have forgotten what and how. The new question is: Why bother? *Sigh* 

Missing My Mom

Blessed Be, 

Diana (January 9, 2014)