2015 Daily Mystical Cat Tarot ~ Two of Sea

I will dare to say today we did something different. It was interesting. How, you ask? I’ll tell ya. Today was the first afternoon of our CCC at Yale, that would be the Continuing Care Clinic at their Psych Outpatient site. So we got downstairs and settled then started thinking about our Tarot Card. We couldn’t settle on anything to set the intent so we decided just to set the intent for something that we will see when we get home. We set to shuffling and knew that at the right time our card would be the top card. The right time came and we set the deck down on the desk next to the laptop so we could check it out when we got home. Here is the card and it is another first time card for this one! That seems to be a possible theme for the year. lol Here we go!

Two of Sea

Two of Sea:

Ah, romance! That magical moment when you gaze into another’s eyes and see your own best self reflected there. Everything about the beloved one is enchanting — fur and fragrance and all the fascinating traits that make up the personality. This initial infatuation may deepen or it may fade, but while it lasts, the world exists of just you two. 

The Cat’s Advice:

A new romance may be offered to you or, in an existing relationship, a fresh burst of romance. You can trust the inclinations that draw you toward your beloved. Your heart is in safe keeping.


Um, we are all speechless… well, except for the laughing. A relationship?!? Us?!? Now, THAT is funny. As my son would say, my picker is broken. It only points to duds. We can’t argue, just look at our track record of failed attempts. On a really serious note, the one thing we really long for is actually a relationship. A loving, trusting, honest to goodness relationship. Haven’t we waited long enough?? We will never give up hope that it will happen. Anyway, this card is bittersweet. It holds hope, yet the painful reminder of all the failed attempts. It gives us hope, yet pulls it away. I don’t know anymore, it’s in the hands of The Universe now and we are just along for the ride.

By the way, the CCC group that we went to this afternoon was great. Hard, but great.


Blessed Be,

Diana (January 14, 2015)