2015 Daily Mystical Cat Tarot ~ Sea Tom

Today we have yet another card that has never been given to us before. We find it interesting that it is just halfway thru January and we have cards picking us that we never got before. Fun interesting. So here is the card we got…

Sea Tom

Sea Tom:

On a peaceful, sun-warmed beach, a Sea Tom invites a caress. This tom lives for love, and he is willing to be vulnerable in its pursuit. Though he may be more of a flirt than a committed partner, the Sea Tom wins mates and friends alike by his openness and sincere affection. He is a charmer, to be sure, and he thinks you are absolutely beautiful. 

The Cat’s Advice:

Let your ardent spirit carry you forward in seeking your bliss, whether that is a mate or any passionate interest. You have nothing to fear as long as you are true to your heart. If this card doesn’t represent you, it can indicate a romance or other appealing opportunity being presented to you.  

Ah, romance. The one elusive thing in our life. We desire that caress, we want to feel safe enough to be vulnerable. Maybe this is our year! Maybe.

Beach two chairs

Blessed Be,

Diana (January 16, 2015)