2015 Daily Mystical Cat Tarot ~ Sea Tom & Three of Earth

Today we asked for inspiration and really didn’t feel like doing our Tarot Card for today. We’ve been so down and depressed that nothing is pleasurable any more. We sure hope this changes soon and we get positivity and optimism back. It’s just been so long… a hard road we are on. We think being on this long and rocky road for over 3 years is long enough. It’s draining in every aspect and has put our life on hold, a very anxious and stress filled time. So let’s review these 2 cards ok?

Sea Tom

Sea Tom:

On a peaceful, sun-warmed beach, a Sea Tom invites a caress. This tom lives for love, and he is willing to be vulnerable in its pursuit. Though he may be more of a flirt than a committed partner, the Sea Tom wins mates and friends alike by his openness and sincere affection. He is a charmer, to be sure, and he thinks you are absolutely beautiful. 

The Cat’s Advice:

Let your ardent spirit carry you forward in seeking your bliss, whether that is a mate or any passionate interest. You have nothing to fear as long as you are true to your heart. If this card doesn’t represent you, it can indicate a romance or other appealing opportunity being presented to you.  

Three of Earth

Three of Earth:

Cats are known for their independence, but some challenges require teamwork. By triangulating on this large beetle, these clanmates can make it move where they like — specifically, out of their dwelling. One cat working alone would have a frustrating time herding the bug or fending off its pincers. By cooperating, the cats can easily achieve their goal and have some fun in the process.

The Cat’s Advice:

Problems that seem insurmountable alone become manageable — and enjoyable — when you work together. Think about how your project could benefit from teamwork. Apply creative cooperation toward a common goal.

Hmmm… we’re not sure what to say about this. It’s almost impossible to be motivated but on the flip side, no motivation keeps us stuck and far from our dreams. It’s a never-ending tug of war with us always landing in the mud.

We are the type that doesn’t want to “bother” anyone with our problems… for more than one reason. One is that we are afraid people will shut us down, which has happened recently (we did find out why and after that we are ok with it because we saw how The Universe works for once 🙂 lol) and another is we have always been on our own when it comes to our life. We’ve never gotten a hand up just a hand dismissing us. Anyway, one thing about these cards, if we want what The Universe has in store for us, we have to get more cooperation with The Collective.

Well, we have an appointment with our case worker soon, so have some fun today ok?

~Blessed Be~

Diana (January 22, 2015)