2015 Daily Mystical Cat Tarot ~ XII The Floating Cat

It looks like we are getting another new card! We don’t know about you but getting a new card that we have not gotten (since we got this deck!!) yet is exciting! We will be first reading this as we type it out – same as you lol. So here we go again! Lets see what our message is! Can you tell we are excited to read and apply it?!!?

XII The Floating Cat

XII ~ The Floating Cat:

This cat has achieved true freedom of spirit and the perfect peace of detachment, so much so that she has detached from gravity itself and floats dreamily among the sacred morning glories of illumination. Visions with deep meaning come to those who are able to surrender what they think they know and open up to what is as yet unknown. By changing perspective and looking at the world from a different point of view, greater understanding is achieved. Is the cat dreaming? Who can tell? What matters is that upon returning her paws to the earth, that new point of view will remain — the sense that anything is possible if she believes. 

The Cat’s Advice:

Let go of your preconceived idea of what is possible. Turning established ideas upside down allows creative brilliance to flow through in an effortless way. Morning glories are a symbol of mind expansion, and, like the cat, all you need is a willingness to be amazed. When you release your attachment to gravity, what is left is levity. Lighten up and expand into infinite possibility. 

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Wow! We like this one! It’s funny because morning glories are one of our top favorite flowers. Pansies, those are also one of the top ones…. we have a whole board dedicated to pansies on Pinterest. Anyway, the link is there if you want to see pansies. lol But… just wow with this card and meaning. With all the stress, depression, anxiety and panic in our life we needed this bubble of hope. The hardest thing for us is actually the one thing that WE need to do. “the sense that anything is possible if she believes.” Believe it or not but we are lacking in the believing anything good will happen for us department. We’ve been worn down like a rock in a river over the years. We have the willingness to be amazed, in fact we want to be amazed right now! So, on that note, we will keep our head up, our heart and spirit open and hope as hard as we can! We have amazement waiting for us! We promise to tell you about the amazement as soon as we can!! 

I'm so excited

Blessed Be, 

Diana (January 23, 2015)

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