In The Midst Of Dissociation

In the midst of dissociation, that is where we are. Although it is more like a coming together. A meld of some sort. This is a new thing for the most part. We dare say a positive thing and a step in the right direction.

Things have been kind of hazy and foggy of late. Ever since we graduated from the PHP/IOP programs at Yale. It’s not a bad thing, just a different thing. It’s like we are here but not here. Over there, yet over here as well.

Here are some things we have been feeling lately and now we understand “why“.

  • We have been getting very aggravated with the hair. It’s about shoulder length and a dark cherry red color. Not so much the color but having it get in or on our face. We’ve been keeping it up and mostly in a ponytail to keep it our of our face. (A Blonde thing)
  • We had our nails cut short and painted black. ( A Roxy thing)
  • We are doing our blogging more. (A Blonde, Melany as well as some of the others thing)
  • Things we used to eat and like we are eating and wanting again. For example, Roast Beef.

Obviously The Blonde was blonde and did a pretty damn good job carrying it off. At this point in time we just want to grab the scissors and cut cut cut lol. We aren’t going to do that tho. We don’t even have to get everything necessary to go back to blonde either we still have some stuff. lol Yay!

About a month ago we just decided to cut the nails down and have them painted black. That is a Roxy thing, so she is one that is close as well as the Blonde who is closer. As for the blogging, that is a combo effort there. There was a long time where no one blogged at all.

Things we are used to eating, they are changing. That’s always interesting she said sarcastically.

Most importantly, the mouse for the computer is on the left now. Again. OH! Actually the most drastic difference is we have been able to sleep the past 3, count them 3, nights in a row now! We will see if that keeps up. We haven’t been able to sleep at night for months and months now. I really hope it isn’t just because we have a sinus infection. Only time will tell…

It’s like integrating the better parts of The Collective into a select few? But how many make up the few?

You will see a picture of what we look like today (Red hair) and what we may look like again by Tuesday night (Blonde hair) Watch for them in the slideshow 🙂

So for now we will just listen and learn. Watch and see.

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~Blessed Be~ The Collective (January 24, 2015)