In The Midst Of Dissociation ~ Day 2

Here we are, day 2. Feeling very scattered and “floaty”. Dissociated yet – together. (Why do we always think there is an “A” in together???? ugh!!! {weirdo}) Like we said in the previous post, we have been feeling “odd”. (Didn’t put it exactly like that but you get my drift.) Crap! Coffee cup is empty! Well, we are going to go get either another cup of coffee or a Monster. Hang on, we will be right back… if you want, go grab something you need as well. lol brb.

Back! Got coffee. We also put on water for our pot shower so we will write until the water boils. For those of you wondering what that is… we haven’t had hot water for a few months now to say the least. Now go back and reread what she just wrote and you should be able to get a mental image of what a pot shower is lol. Just add in a big mixing bowl and a scoop for the hot water. BTW spellcheck is stupid. It thinks we have a working hot water heater because it keeps wanting to change “pot” to “hot” lmfao!! 

OK anyway. 

Today we are feeling pretty chipper which is a rare but very good thing. That means the faith part of our brain has been unlocked again. Thank you Goddess!!! Don’t get me wrong, we are still feeling pretty fucked up. I don’t think we have ever chronicled an impending or possible switch or partial integrating. We feel a bit hypomanic. Very energetic. Very excited. everyone’s thoughts are flying, the Round Table meeting is quite interesting. It’s not in the usual places tho… not in the big Board Room or the Meadow. It’s all quite an interesting adventure for sure. 

The tentative plan for Monday is this:

  1. Sally’s to get either the red we need or the missing products for going back blonde
  2. Target for a couple necessities and some cash back with no fee lol
  3. Get dropped off at Henry’s to get our nails done
  4. Walk over to Big Y plaza and stop in Cutting Crew and put our name on the list for a cut
  5. Go in Big Y and grab a few groceries (it will be early enough where we should not hit the majority of the crowds – they are predicting a historic blizzard for Monday night into Wednesday morning here)
  6. Continue listening to the conversations of what is happening and what needs to be done to make a piece clunk into place. Mainly do we get a shape-up trim or go all out and do what we really want to do right now which is get it cut short again and go back blonde
  7. Meander down to Cutting Crew and once we sit in the chair we will know exactly what needs to get done
  8. Hmmm looking at this we should probably go to Sally’s last but we will know for sure tomorrow, that much we know

Blizzard warnings abound! Now, that’s exciting!!!  Look!!

Well, the water should be boiling so we will go get this pain in the ass pot shower over with… oh god do I wish we had hot water!!!!!


Enjoy some random pictures….. 

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~Blessed Be~ 

The Collective (January 25, 2015)