In The Midst Of Dissociation ~ Day 4 ~ Being Open

Being open about mental health issues.

We decided 15 months ago that we were tired of trying to hide the impossible. We gave up, it’s too tiring. Especially when on October 8th 2013 we had an episode at our therapists office and ended up in the Psych ER. That led the doctors to think we had a small stroke (tests ruled out a stroke thank Goddess!) Think about it, how would you feel and what would it be like for you (talking to singles here right now… ) to try to “control” or “hide” the fact that you were not a multiple in a world where DID/MPD was normal? The good thing is that we are 4 days into being aware of this, um, we’ll call it a “shift” or a “meld”. We’ve had a meld before where just a little bit of one or more of the others actually created a new altar that was a little more stable. That would be Angeline.


Talking with our friend Marion, it’s funny because one thing we realized is that we could never understand what we perceive as an awful loneliness when we think about how all you singles only have one voice in your heads while we have many, at least 27. (Not always at the same time or at the same levels) For us to understand your solitary mind is like you understanding a multiples mind. Put one of us in a singles mind and we would run screaming back to ours. Can’t imagine life without my others!! Why? You ask… Because it’s all we have ever known and it is normal for us. It would be like one day you woke to a bunch of people talking away only to realize you couldn’t escape them. We will say that being open about this has helped us and others in many ways. We have gained a greater understanding of both how your minds work and more importantly more about how ours does. It goes the other way as well, where we are helping others understand multiplicity just a little bit.

Thanks for participating!

~Blessed Be~

Diana & The Collective (January 27, 2015)