Do We or Don’t We?? Pros & Cons

Do you agree or disagree with this logic? Better yet, can you follow it lol? It doesn’t necessarily have to be from a multiples point of view either. It just so happens that ours is from a multiples pov. Always has been and probably always will be. It’s kind of like trying to herd cats.

Professional Cat Herders

So, anyway, this is kind of how our mind works to give you a little bit of understanding of this multiples thought process… you have to realize that all of this happens simultaneously, it’s just like being at an internal family gathering. lol


Here is the logic behind one of our decisions, our decision to go back to short  blonde hair. Keep in mind that changes like this that happen when we are in the midst of a switch or in this instance, a melding of one or more, it is parts of one or more that are combining and while some things we are aware of, some we are not until someone we know comments. We like our Pro & Con way. (And at this point we are still Diana.) We are working on a post that goes through what happens when we start to either switch or meld (aka integrate some qualities of other altars) so keep an eye out for that one coming sometime this week or next.

Here we go… this is a basic outline, the internal conversations go a bit more in-depth and it really isn’t something we can explain, but you should get the idea.

Pro: Short blonde hair holds up better than the longish red when you aren’t really able to wash it everyday.

Pro: There is more grey in the roots now and blonde hides it better than other colors therefore saving money by having to do the roots less often.

Fact: The idea of going back blonde has been ruminating for longer than we initially realized.

Fact: Getting the hair to look like it is “supposed to” has become a laser vision mission with the utmost urgency because we don’t look like our self in the mirror yet.

Con: We could screw it up.

Pro: We feel more confident and self-assured as a blonde.

Con: We feel more confident and self-assured as a blonde.

We know, they should cancel out but trust us, they don’t cancel each other out.

Strong Pro: The thought process does not include the phrase “in case we made a mistake” only “in case we fuck it up” and so far no one has allowed a fuck up. We went to professionals to cut the hair short and sassy. 😉

Pro: Our hair has been bothering the hell out of us by being in our face too much. We’ve resorted to pulling it up in a ponytail on top of our head to keep it in place. Getting it cut cancels this right out!

Fact: No one has had any negative comment or voiced an opinion to not do it for as long as it has been germinating in our mind. It’s been about a month now that we have noticed the longing for being blonde and short-haired again.

Pro: No one has piped up and said “no way”. (When anyone does, we listen!!! Lesson learned!!!)

Con: If anyone comes late to this party to dye for we will have to deal with it when and if it comes up.

Most importantly, we are supposed to be blonde! It’s just that simple. If you woke up and had drastically different hair from when you last looked in the mirror or you last remember, you’d want to make sure you had YOUR style back right? My style is short, sassy and blonde. So that is what it is going to be. We already got it cut and are in the beginning stages of getting it back to a very light Nordic Blonde!!! We’re so excited!!!!

I'm so excited

And the Pièce de résistance…. drumroll please…. we have a slew of wigs that include some very natural looking ones we can wear until we unfuck it up if we fuck it up. lol We shouldn’t fuck it up tho… but you never know, right? 😉

After it’s as done as it’s going to get, we will post an update! Thanks for spending some time with us reading this!!


~Blessed Be~

Diana & The Collective (January 28, 2015)

7 thoughts on “Do We or Don’t We?? Pros & Cons

  1. We totally play the Pros and Cons game when deciding things that will affect all of us, and usually also leave it up to a full vote (where everyone votes), or a house vote (where representatives from each small group of alters votes after talking with their group if possible) if it’s any sort of impactful decision.

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      1. Yep, absolutely. Our most prominent little is always represented by their caretaker, and usually we can’t track down or communicate with everyone to get a vote, so we try to get people close to them to give a proxy for them. It’s never seamless and usually we fail to get more than half or a quarter of everyone voting, but we can still have a vague sense of majority vs minority and trying to create something which works for everyone. It’s almost never perfect and hard to achieve, but we still strive for it!


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