2015 Mystical Cats Tarot ~ Eight of Sky

It’s been a rocky road with this sleep disorder we are dealing with. We don’t know what else to call it. We can’t fall asleep, then if and when we do, we can’t stay asleep. We can doze off for a few moments and maybe longer but there are days and nights where we haven’t been sleeping at all for stretches of over 36 hours at a time. Idk, maybe for us every other or couple nights we get to be awake all night. Each time this has happened, the night after the “I’m not sleepy” marathon we have actually gotten a minimum of 5 hours straight sleep! Who knows, it is most definitely stress related for sure but this new twist seems to be related to either the melding or switching process. Anyway, the card we got for today is this: (Idk about you, but this cat does not seem to be a very happy camper… yikes!)

Eight of Sky

Eight of Sky:

Living at the mercy of the elements, Sky Cats often find themselves in difficult circumstances. This cat has been caught in a sudden windstorm, and a falling branch has trapped him in its tangles. Panicking, he flails and thrashes at the risk of injuring himself in the process. If he only could be calm and look for an opening, he could easily escape and go on his way unharmed. Instead, he wastes energy fighting an enemy that doesn’t really exist.

The Cat’s Advice:

The situation is not as dire as you think. When you feel trapped and out of choices, stay calm and look around for a simple solution. Keep still until your fear passes. Thrashing around will only make the situation worse. Don’t let small annoyances add to your worry. Use your intelligence to find a way out.

Hmmm, wow. All I can say is that we are in a sense living at the mercy of the elements, whether the elements are real or perceived. (We are using the term: elements, loosely here as in for us it can also mean stressors or obstacles.) Our main windstorm of course is our housing situation – being foreclosed on and waiting for the ejectment papers and no money and no way at this time to get more money. It sucks when you don’t know what the next minute will bring… a doorbell? Papers tossed in the driveway again? A solution? You just can’t be comfortable or feel safe in your own home. 

We do believe that the falling branch that has us caught in its tangles is this switchy meldy thing that is happening now. There has been and still is that awful panic and by picking this card today it tells us to stop fighting (the meldy switchy thing) and wasting energy and be still and aware.

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The enemy is long gone, the abusers are long gone and the past needs to stay in the past. The present is ours to live in.

girl underwater with turtle

Its reassuring to hear that the situation is not as bad as we think in all respects. Keep still and listen and learn. That’s what all of us will try to remember. We actually were thinking that this switchy meldy thing would lead to very drastic changes, so far they have been subtle but noticeable. More importantly they have not been bad changes!

I drew this card in the past and I wonder what the message was then and what happened… It’s here if you want to read it. Anyway, thank you for spending time with us, it’s appreciated!

~Blessed Be~

Diana & The Collective (January 29, 2015)