Do We or Don’t We?? UPDATE 1/30/2015

So, what was the result? If you are wondering about what the hell we’re talking about, take a moment and read THIS. Now, if you want to see the end result (for now) you can check out my new profile pic on my Facebook page right HERE. You can see what it looks like today and maybe also what our hair looked like for the past year and a half. Leave a comment if you want, if you can’t leave one there, you can leave it here on my blog.

So obviously we did it! More importantly, we feel great! It was a very good thing and we feel more settled for once.



Thanks again for spending time with us, it means a lot 🙂 One thing, can I ask a favor? I am trying to get more “likes” on my Facebook Page, would you be a doll and check it out HERE and “like” my page? It is a work in progress and I would like to at least get to 50 “likes”. Thank you again!

~Blessed Be~

Diana (January 30, 2015)