In The Midst Of Dissociation ~ Day 8 ~ Ch ch ch changes!

Here are some things we are noticing during this Switchy Meldy process….

did girl

There has been a loud buzzing in our head lately that we are pretty much used to now.

The dizzy spells have worsened.

Our intuition has gotten more honed.

We are still Diana! Just with some additional baggage, and I say that in a loving way.

We want to wear makeup again when we have to go out of the house.

Sleep has become more illusive lately. Now we are having 36+ hours at a time where we cannot sleep.

There is a need for change, of making things “ours” like, changing certain things on the computer, changing our hair – look, style, color and length.

Memories are popping up of things we didn’t know we forgot and some give is quite a jolt. I swear we turn white as a ghost when that happens. That’s a very new thing.

The deep darkness that surrounded us like shrink-wrap and kept us immobile and in the house has lifted.


Music has become our friend again and we are looking forward to the day when we rock out to our music again. We have not enjoyed music for almost 16 months. That was something we always always did, listen to music while cooking or cleaning.

We have a renewed interest in cooking healthy.

We seem to “know” what we will like and not like without even trying it.

We are much more alert and interested in things.

Time isn’t linear for us right now. It’s like a very badly scratched vinyl record with the needle being bounced around by the deep gouges. (Decided to go with the flow in this one, can’t fight it so we will ride with it.)

We are having more issues with things like watching a show, we really can’t get through one without needing to do something else. So we have quite a few things on the DVR that are partially viewed lol.

How many people do you know that can watch the same show or movie more than once yet only see it once? Yea, think about that. It’s a cool little surprise when it happens!

I’m sure there is more but for now, that is enough I would say lol.

Well, our time here has come to a close, unless you want to read more or visit and like our Facebook page… *hint hint* *wink wink* lol In the meantime, have a listen… see if you know what song it is before you click on it… we’ll see who pays attention. 😉

Ok, thanks for taking time to read us!

~Blessed Be~

Diana (January 31, 2015)