2015 Daily Mystical Cat Tarot ~ X The Wheel (Reversed)

Merry Meet! Today is bittersweet in that one of my sons friends passed away yesterday morning. Very sad and it has affected us in a way that we are pondering our own death. Nothing morbid, just thinking about how DieAnne almost took our life in October of 2014 (or was it 2013)? How it would affect others, by “others” we mean the one most important thing in our life. Our son. We can’t do that to him. Not then, not now, not EVER. See, this is what insomnia is like. Our thoughts are all escaping because Fantasia took the net to keep them inside to use to catch butterflies lol. Ugh. Scatterbrained x however many of us are awake and involved at the time. Yea…. and it’s funny, something Marion said to us, she was talking to her mom and her mom asked how she can have a conversation with us? Marion explained that its more like she and I have 3 or 4 different conversations going at the same time. Now this is something we had no idea on. lol She did also say it can be exhausting and it keeps you on your toes!

Ok, we asked for a card today, an “action” card, something we can do to help get better. This is what we got today….

X The Wheel

X The Wheel:

At the center of the universe is a great cosmic Wheel. This Wheel is kept in motion by a cat, of course, at whose whim it spins fast or slow. All the elements are present — Earth, Sky, Fire, Sea — and all the clans who are made of these elements. From this Wheel flows the essential energy of all creation. Call it fortune, fate, luck, or what you will, it is always changing, as are we. All life turns upon the dancing paws of the spinner of the Wheel.

The Cat’s Advice – (Reversed Card for me):

The Wheel card reversed has much the same meaning as the Wheel upright, though you may be feeling the effects of the spinning of fate more intensely. Focus on the center of the Wheel and its elemental balance to regain your own centeredness.

The Cat’s Advice:

Things are in motion that are beyond your control. The task now is to put yourself into alignment with what the universe intends for you. Watch for signs that will guide your next action. Trust that all will be well, and remember that wherever you are on the Wheel of fate, you will be somewhere else soon; just wait for the Wheel to turn.

ying yang fire and water

Interesting that we ask for an action card and get The Wheel. The Wheel contains all the elements or in our case it means all our altars. One or more of them seem to take turns or fight over the spinning of The Wheel and we are guessing that is a big contributor to our insomnia as well as how scatterbrained we have been feeling. It is in a state of flux and change right now, we are entering new territory here.

Black hole

Focus on the center of The Wheel means we need to center US. Meditate, do Reiki. Be still.

We do have a lot and we mean a LOT of balls in the air that we can no longer juggle with only the one Body. Trust. We do. Have faith. We do.

~Blessed Be~

Diana (February 1, 2015)