2015 ~ Mystical Cats Tarot ~ Eight of Sky (Reversed)

~Merry Meet~

So today we really didn’t get much sleep, nodded off about 5 maybe and slept fitfully for a few hours or so. That we are so thankful for!! We’ve resigned ourselves to this insomnia and are simply going to make the best of it. Anyway, one thing I will say is that we have to stop obsessing about is the fact and unfortunately this fact is being drilled into my head right now… but the fact that we cannot work. Not any type of job right now. It is so very depressing and we have to stop thinking about it. It’s really hard though, because we would really like to apply for a job that we know about. We must practice “radical acceptance“. We’ve done it before and we can do it again. One thing we will share with you is that even though there is about 7” of snow outside, the wind is whipping and more and more snow is on the way this weekend but we are sitting on the couch by the western window and letting the sun just flow over and into our entire being… it feels like a summer day out on a patio for us right now!!!

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Here is the card for us today, our only intent is that it is an action card that we can put into use tonight.

Eight of Sky

Eight of Sky:

Living at the mercy of the elements, Sky Cats often find themselves in difficult circumstances. This cat has been caught in a sudden windstorm, and a falling branch has trapped him in its tangles. Panicking, he flails and thrashes at the risk of injuring himself in the process. If he only could be calm and look for an opening, he could easily escape and go on his way unharmed. Instead, he wastes energy fighting an enemy that doesn’t really exist.

The Cat’s Advice – (Reversed Card for me):

You are being tested, whether by others or by the universe in general. Show your ability to improvise and find innovative solutions. Consider this an initiatory experience–once you have passed the test, you will feel a great sense of achievement and self-respect, which others will recognize as well.

We are trying not to let the situation get to us. We will not let any negativity get its hooks in us anywhere anyhow. While we realize the enemy doesn’t exist, our son doesn’t. So that makes it hard to continue to be positive and give everything up to The God/dess when you have someone who cannot see past the initial situation. That means we must draw on even more strength and trust and faith. We will. For sure, we will.

~Blessed Be~

~Diana (February 5, 2015)