2015 Daily Mystical Cat Tarot ~ Fire Tom

Merry Meet! Today we woke with that nagging little feathery feeling that something is really wrong again. I will say that yesterday was a better day. We were a lot less depressed. However, today, that ugly awful clingy dark cloud has enveloped us yet again. I really thought we were on the upswing from this bout. Guess not. So we figured, why not ask the Universe to give us some advice and insight as to why and what. Here is our card regarding this intent.

Fire Tom

Fire Tom:

The epitome of boldness and grace, a Fire Tom sleekly glides through a field of candles, his swift passage like a hot wind among the flames. His eye never waivers from his goal. This tom is intensely focused when he wants to achieve something, and he can be a bit reckless in pursuit of his desires. He operates from a combination of luck and skill, with a dash of daring thrown in.

The Cat’s Advice:

Courage and boldness will carry you through any challenge if you can keep your head and not rush in recklessly. Trust in your skills gained through trial and error. It’s not enough just to want something—you must take action to achieve it. Move swiftly and confidently towards your goals.

Hmmm, this cat is doing the impossible by gliding through all the lit candles without singeing a whisker. I bet there are those reckless times when he lost a bit of fur though lol. All I’m going to say is that we totally get it lol and it’s totally cool!

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~Blessed Be

~Diana & The Collective (February 20, 2015)