Dissociation and Insomnia

Well, call me insomniac. (Mine is chronic) Call me dissociative.

Dissociative Identity Disorder wreaks havoc on sleep for this chica. Sucks. I have some who want to sleep, not right now tho. (Thank Goddess) Some who want to listen to one station, some another station, one wants to cook, one wants to blog (haha I win) one wants to do laundry, one wants to go for a ride, one a walk, one read, one watch tv, one vacuum, one watch a movie, one cartoons, draw, play with the kitties, you get the picture…. mind you this was all happening at the same time yesterday and all night. This is not unusual for us unfortunately. It can be a daily occurrence. I swear one is bi-polar too. I cannot tell you how many shows we started to watch and not finish late last night. The 15 minute rule went out the window because we wanted to see the sun come up since we were awake anyway and after that the birds started chirping and we fell asleep for that sweet hour!

Think about it, if all that (and more) was happening to you At The Same Time. Would YOU be sane??? I’m just happy that right at this moment The Collective is quiet! I don’t even feel any of them dreaming either. It’s really quiet and I will take advantage of that!

I find it interesting that each of my main alters has their own quirks to their personalities. Omg, yesterday Marshall came across this quiz on FB… It’s a Walking Dead one… if you want you can do it HERE. Just to give you an example… Fantasia would not last a day, Bitch’s result was Darryl and mine was I would last a month lol. All different, way different results with answering their answers. It was fun too. I was able to “channel” Bitch and Fantasia!!! That is HUGE for our future!

Anyway, dissociation for me, makes insomnia “normal” and sleep rare. If it is less than 90 minutes that I get I don’t even count it as sleep… more like a nap. But, hey, it’s something right?

Ok, time to spend the day with Marshall while daydreaming about my bae.

~Blessed Be~

~Diana (April 5, 2015)

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