Dissociation and “Multitasking”….

…are very very different for a multiple and a single. For example, here is what my latest status update is on Facebook: “I’ve got a Monster, water, news on, youtube techno on my Beats and dancing in my seat, going over what I have to do for dinner, thinking about the calls to the doctors and the lawyer and the bills and blogging as well as playing here lol. The funny thing is that this is not multitasking for me because we are sharing the load and everyone gets to do what they want lol This makes Diana a happy little bunny! (as long as The Watcher doesn’t forget to write it down after lol” I tagged it with “Feeling Settled”. Oh and I forgot to add that I am also doing my nailpolish too.

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Why do I say it is different for a single and a multiple? Honestly, only another multiple would really understand but I will do my best to explain how it works for me anyway.

Here goes. A single, from what I have observed can multitask fairly well, some better than others. It used to crack me up at work when Marion would be typing out an email, not what she REALLY would want to say to some members but the proper politically and legally correct response (customer service lol) and along would come someone with a question or a howdy do and she would not miss a beat with the email as well as addressing whomever was at her desk. What was amusing to me was the person with whom she was dealing with reaction to her continuing to type her reply and talk to them. If you are wondering, we used to work in the same small department. As for customer service reps, while she works for a scummy company – not her choice – she is one of the most professional and engaging reps I have ever worked with.

Back to the multitasking lol. While a single has one body and can multitask to their hearts content or they need to be peeled off the ceiling or talked off the ledge lol me, as a multiple have different alters/people who can do things for me at the same time. For me it is just compartmentalized and each one does something different for us as a whole. It’s actually easier for me I guess, less stressful because it is not just “me” who is doing everything even tho it is kind of, just in a different way.

Oh crap.

Boy am I screwed now!

Why? You ask? Well, I just realized that one day I may be YOU! (A single lol) Daaaaamn I will have to learn to do it all myself?! Shit man, I give you singles a big ol’ high five! You Go!!

Ok, thanks for spending some of your day with me, it is much appreciated!

~Blessed Be~

~Diana (April 6, 2015)