Punching Insomnia In The Face

Ok, Ima going to start from how I/we first dealt with this and end with how we decided to handle it from this day forth.


you fucking thief

you steal my dreams

you steal my sanity

you slither in and screw up my mind


i’m begging

please take me away

let me dream

let me fly

everything is backwards

time has less and less meaning


morning and evening meld together

mocking me

hours do not exist in an orderly fashion

days swirl and dart around me just out of reach


turning me and my world upside down and sideways

entering another dimension

having to rely on trust

there was never a hand to grab

there was never a rope to rescue me from the pit

you get used to the pit

you adapt

you do what you have to do

3am lover

give up

simply give up

throw it ferociously to the universe

before it eats you alive

leaving nothing but ravaged bones


there is a spark of… of…


the god and goddess heard us

we start to beg

just an undeniable sign

please, sobbing please….

then it happened

the sign

one after the other


it’s true

there is hope



sometimes you just need a


mother cat and kittens

embracing insomnia

our friend

24 hours a day

7 days a week with only cat naps to claim

sometimes all it takes is a punch in the face to agree to disagree

Do you agree? I sure do! It’s groundbreaking, settling and amazing!

~Blessed Be~

~Diana (April 7, 2015)

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