Random Dissociative Musing

So here I sit watching for the squirrels and the birds to find the bread I tossed to them. It’s raining here but they are out there playing. It’s comforting to watch and fun.The “peeping Tom” has not been back on the roof of the house behind us. This was an interesting thing to see… check it out. My cat was looking at him like “How did you get up there???”

I love how you can see Winstons face in the mirror lol.
I love how you can see Winstons face in the mirror lol.

Oh well, can’t find it now, I think the pics are on the dead computer. Sorry. So you just got a pic of Coco and Winston in the window looking out towards the roof the wildlife plays on.

Back to musing.

I find it interesting how my alters have different personality traits. That point was proven with the Walking Dead quiz we did. You can read about that HERE. Take the quiz if you are a fan. lol

I don’t remember this morning. I don’t remember going back up to my bedroom sometime after 5am. I did get a nap tho.

I want a job.

We can’t.

Counting helps but is distracting.

Still can’t breathe.

Face it. No working unless you want to end up inpatient or worse. Stop wasting thoughts on that for now. The time should come.

We miss our Bae!!!

Too many were active yesterday and too close to the front. I think that’s why we only napped for an hour and a half or so. I’m so very drained and tired.

Just put the water on the stove to boil so I have hot water to bathe with. Waiting on that.

I have to learn more on how to tap into them for help. It’s very quiet right now, maybe I will try to nap and turn the water off first. Why not right?

Ok, here we go…

Thanks for spending time with us again!

Blessed Be

Diana (April 7, 2015)