The Cutter and Her Lover

Sweet red nectar dripping

Each drop that falls takes a little of the pain away

The anticipation is sweet like meeting a lover in secret

The dance is like making love ending in an orgasm of relief


Glimpsing her steely lover

He taunts her

Promises relief

Her pain is so great she longs to believe him

She holds him, caresses him

She lets him touch her skin very lightly

Feeling the sharp cold metal is titillating

Pressing harder to feel something she can control

Not too hard… yet

Striking the skin like a match but not lighting the fire

She starts to sweat but her hands are freezing cold

Her heart quickens, her breathing shallow 

He owns her now

Should she or shouldn’t she

She knows no other way

If she screams she is afraid she will never stop

What can ease her pain?

Who will be her tourniquet?

Will there ever be one for her?

She is the tattered teddy bear that no one cared enough to love

tattered teddy sketch

The Poet (April 14, 2015)