Recovery ~ Easy Peasy

Hahahaaa yeah right! If it’s easy, you’re doing it wrong wrong wrong! We want to share something with you that we have from our IOP this afternoon.

“I didn’t know I’d have to tear down before I could build up.” ~ Eleanor F.

“Why should recovery, which we want, be such a struggle?
Usually, reaching out for what we want takes far less effort.
But recovering is not just a matter of doing something, but of undoing what we’ve spent years building up.

We are experts at being afraid to stand up for ourselves, at feeling guilty for giving ourselves a break, at panicking when things work out too well.
For many of us, those feelings are as much a part of us as our fingerprints.

Now we are training ourselves to go against some strong feelings. 
We are doing what it takes to get what we want despite our feelings.
The problem is that our feelings are us.
Just as the desire and struggle for recovery are us

It’s a civil war!

No wonder recovery is such a struggle.
And the issue can’t be whether or not it will hurt; it will.
The issue is this — which path will take us where we want to go, one step at a time?”

Pretty cool hu? A lot of truth there, especially for a multiple like me! I will say that today, I didn’t realize it until someone made a comment, but Chamille was here and she ‘ran’ the community meeting! Wow, was it a fucking blast! We want to do it every day we can lol!!! The bad thing is that we couldn’t focus The Body’s eyes while she was there. Chamille never needed glasses even before the lasik so for her to pop in like that was a shock for her when she couldn’t see. We managed to read in group anyway. After all Chamille is large and in charge and can do anything. Anything at all! She is the whole package. Now the problem is that we have been hearing Joanna stirring. It’s also a good thing because she is a stronger altar as well. She was around during some of the best times of our life as was Roxy.

So, go back and really read the part in blue again. Whether you are in any type of recovery or not, there are some good words there!

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Have a wonderful Friday night!

~Blessed Be~
~Diana~ (April 17, 2015)