Fortune Cookies

Mondays are becoming my favorite days for more than one reason. I love the fact that I start my week with group for one. For two Marshall and myself have gotten into this routine, Mondays are one of his usual nights off so we watch WWE Monday Night Raw and WWE Network Second Screen it. Take the quizzes, comment on the polls… We have also gotten into the habit of having something out of the ordinary for dinner – a splurge you might say. Tonight was Chinese delivery.

I just wanted to share our fortunes, since they gave us 3 cookies we, or I should say I decided that the last one would be for me, him and the kitties lol. Gotta include the kitties!

Here is mine:

This can work in opposite ways I suppose but the way I initially took it was that none of The Collective needs to feel individually responsible. We can all share the burden or realize that what made us this way was not our fault. 

Here is the fortune for mom, son and fur babies:


This is oh so appropriate for our situation!!! When the right thing comes along, really comes along we will have to just jump and trust!


I don’t know about you, but I plan on learning to fly!

~Many Blessings~
~Diana~ (April 21, 2015)